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  • CASCADIA was founded in 2015, to create a multi-day annual curated film festival celebrating exceptional films directed by women from around the world.
  • It will span all film genres: narrative, live action, animation, documentary, and experimental films of all lengths.
  • It is based in Bellingham, WA., a town of approximately 83,000 people on the shores of Puget Sound. It lies halfway between the film meccas of Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. The city enjoys strong local and regional support for film, theatre, music, dance, visual and other arts. It is also a destination for hikers, kayakers, climbers, sailors and other outdoor enthusiasts. Increasingly, filmmakers are also finding Bellingham, attracted to its proximity to urban and rural environments, as well as the ocean, lakes, rivers and majestic mountains. It is also home to Western Washington University, with a 15,000 undergraduates and graduate enrollment, including the well-regarded College of Fine and Performing Arts.
  • The CASCADIA Festival seeks a diverse audience, welcoming men and women from the Bellingham region as well as state, national and international film enthusiasts.
  • Helps aspiring and working women directors pursue their goals, by offering educational forums, panel discussions, and director Q&A’s, designed to encourage information-sharing and networking.
  • Educates audiences and the community, by partnering with businesses, Western Washington University, arts and other organizations to sponsor forums, workshops, special film showings and events.
  • Promotes Bellingham, Whatcom County and the surrounding area as a destination for filmmakers and for film enthusiasts to spend time and enjoy the city’s and region’s many restaurants, microbreweries, shops and hotels, while attending the festival.
  • CASCADIA will debut in 2016 in Bellingham, WA, with a multi-event film festival offered as part of the Pickford Film Center’s October “Doctober” documentary film festival. The 2016 festival will include an evening kick-off party, a day of films and a day of networking events.
  • Starting in Spring 2017, CASCADIA will present a three-day film festival, and every year thereafter. The 2017 festival will be expanded to include three days of films, social events, workshops, industry panels, educational events and more.
  • CASCADIA will also feature festival activities throughout the year: educational forums, workshops, special film showings and other events.
  • In 2015 the CASCADIA team collaborated with Toronto’s Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) to present eight women-directed documentary films at the Doctober Documentary Film Festival, held every October at the Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, WA.
  • Five women filmmakers and the FeFF Artistic Director presented a Directors’ Educational Forum, hosted by Western Washington University’s College of Fine and Performing Arts. The event was followed by a “meet the filmmakers” gala reception.
  • The CASCADIA festival founders were so inspired and encouraged by the success of Doctober that in November 2015, they decided to form CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival, an ongoing Pacific Northwest film festival dedicated to showcasing the work of women-directed films. The Festival was incorporated in 2015.
  • In film, directors literally call the shots – and very few of them are women.
  • This means that a woman’s perspective is too rarely seen in film. An art form that teaches, informs, inspires and motivates, is missing an essential perspective on humanity when women’s voices are not heard.
  • This problem exists internationally, but especially in Hollywood. Read this Annenburg study for details.
  • CASCADIA is committed to changing that by offering a venue, and a support system, for women to tell their stories through the medium of film.
  • We believe that offering a film festival for women-directed films is well timed, based on the increasing interest and outspokenness of individuals within the film industry, and the growing number of independent studies about women’s under-representation in film direction.
  • While Hollywood is not typically funding or supporting women-directed films, greater access to digital cameras and internet postings creates tremendous new opportunities for women directors to make their own films at very little cost.
  • CASCADIA fills a much-needed niche, by providing a place to showcase these films.

At the current time, CASCADIA is presenting a curated selection of women-directed films.

  • CASCADIA is comprised of a diverse group of people with a love of film, and a commitment to opportunity and diversity in art and all walks of life. They have had or currently enjoy successful careers in film or other art forms, business, education, recreation, community development and government. Most, but not all, are connected to Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest. Some have ties to or still work in other areas of the U.S., Canada or other parts of the world.
  • All share a vision of building a unique international event that showcases the work of women directors, and what they believe are the extraordinary opportunities for filmmakers to work in Bellingham, Whatcom County and the surrounding area.
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You should support CASCADIA if any or all of the following apply:

  • You understand the power of film to engage, inform, inspire and sometimes empower change in both individuals and society. You see that the absence of women’s perspectives in this powerful art form results in a dangerous imbalance, affecting the way the world sees and seeks solutions to concerns among individuals and communities.
  • You want to support the City of Bellingham and Whatcom County, by encouraging people from outside this area to come here for a festival and vacation, and to support local businesses.
  • You want to be associated with CASCADIA because you have a business that offers goods or services that would interest the same people who would likely attend the CASCADIA Festival.
  • You’re committed to diversity, in art as in other walks of life and community.
  • You support the showcasing of films that might not otherwise be seen in the Bellingham community.
  • You just love film and want to support quality work.
We are always looking for more volunteers and would love to start a conversation with you! Email us at